Friday, September 21, 2007

Gemilangnya Merah Putih Ku

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After post mortem of our 50th.anniversary of Independence recently celebrated,
some puzzle question,which till now I still do not know the exect answers.
My Flag is still waving in front of my home porch,even though its past the Malaysia Day ,last 15th.September.
Perhaps,Prof.Khoo Kay Kim our prominant historian could clarified it.
It is not the flag but the history and the historical content of the flag which is important for generation to come.
It has great significant toward nation building and nation character.

Here's my story on nation's flag comparision.

Indonesian Proclamation of independence was declared on the 17th.August 1945 by Sukarno-Hatta.The pride of the nation'Bendera Merah-Putih'was flown officially then from the Istana President.
According to Indonesian history and it remain confirm,the first Bendera Merah-Putih was hand sown by Ibu Hatta from the cheapest cotton meterial of that particular era.
The original Bendera Merah Putih which was flown during the proclamation on the 17th.August 1945 was kept and preserve till now as a simbol of the Indonesian struggle against the aggression of the Dutch colonisation and it is flown only once a year during the official Flag rising at the Istana Bapak President.
The celebration is modest but meaningful.
No extra pomps-pomps but has historical significant and meaningful.
Any proud Indonesian of every generation could stand tall among any league of Nation pointing:
'that is our original flag hand sown by Ibu Hatta and Ibu Fathamawati, though it is from the cheapest cotton material but the struggle and the agony over the struggle remains intact with all Indonesian generation till now'.

Via recorded history the simbolic gesture of flying the original Flag is envidence enough to determine how strong the foundation of an Independent Nation.
The pride of the Nation, is the 'Flag' though its history.

How I wonder, what is the actual history of our flag?
Till now,I am not able to find the answer.
Perhaps of my own ignorance.
Who design the original flag flown on the 31st August 1957?
Where it is now? Arkib Negara??
Is the flag flown each year the original?
Some answers pleased?

Our historical roots has to be precisly recorded in our history books for future references.
That is my flag.As 'Robert Redford's words in his film 'The Last Castle'
and I will protect it.

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