Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Viva Mas Iwan...ayuh Mas kita tua sama-sama...

Do you still remember your first ever social revolutionary artis.Probably yours is Bob Dylan.Remember the words of 'Like a Rolling Stone', yes its a song full with melody and witty phrase.
But mine was the ledgendary Indonesian folk singer and song-writer Bapak Iwan Fals.
I listen and learn from Iwan Fals first before Bob Dylan or Grateful Dead.
My Uda in Jakarta used to sent me his tape during my student days,that was back in the 80's.

Man..this mestro really have something to say.As an honor to his contribution his article was written front page cover of The TIMES
His lyric is so punchy and able to transpose your senses on the social issues of the day.
His song and social message,remain his strongest element,provided by talented natural musician like Sawong Jabo and Bapak Setiawan Djodi.
A perfect combination.

'Dimana kah PermainanKu,
pelepah-pelepah dari kulit pisang as compare to kids nowday his coment was.
"cuba lihat permainan ini,
terbuat dari plastik ataupun besi,semuanya mahal dan tersedia.
Mereka menjadi cenggeng dan manja.
Kejernihan otak pun mulai pudar.
Mana permainan ku yang dulu."

The lirik is so down to earth and honest to god.
Its a song of the divesity between kids our days and our kids now.
I am not complaining about the gen.gap.
The new gen.group like 'Ungu' is awesome too.
But still consider him a mestro on his own right.
The musical combination between him and Bapak Setiawan Djodi,Bapak Ian Antionio has open and contribute a new chapter in Indonesia Rock Music.

Any way 'Old hippy never die they only turn grey'
I wish Mas Edwin Gutawan would compiled his memorial hits and conduct it in a Philharmonic Orkestra, like the one he did on 'Tribute to Koes Plus'.
Which is off course a 5 star rating.


david santos said...

I come to congratulate you with your work and to desire a good Month to you of August in vacation. In Portugal already we walk for beaches and to live the heat of the Summer.

Pak Tuo said...

Dear David,

Thank You for the visit and many Happy Summer to you.Yes,wishful thinking to be at any beaches near Gibrata.
Yes,one of this fine day.