Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Pathtatic Stage

Hmmmmm...sorry for the long absence.I was away to Jakarta and Surabaya over the week to visit my Papa and family.He had a by-pass operation.
hmmm..and now a long cold and flu.

I am in sort of organising my year calander for 2007.
I was in Jakarta Bus Metro from Kedoya to Tanah Abang.I enjoy the bus ride in Jakarta.
Yes Tanah Abang has change tremendously,its the centre of the textiles industry.
You could find reasonable cheap and quality Batik here.

Tanah Abang is the centre of the Minang bisness net working.You find ample garment what ever you need here.Before Tanah Abang was a tough area only cowboys is brave enough to venture in that area after 4pm.

Me ever since my student days I love having a stroll and have a deep thought of what Indonesia is from Tanah Abang prespective.It give me the insight reality of life to fellow Indonesia.
The man on the street version.I was able to dwell well in Tanah Abang because chieflyly I do not pretend to be a tourist either do I shops in 'Kodi's' at Tanah Abang.
Its a place where I lingger and observe the very fabric of the society.I do it still up till today.Having my Ais Teler of MengoKopi di warong Si Anu sambil 'mingrong' my Sempurna Mild Hijo.

The reasons for my entry was question pose by someone I met during the bus ride to Tanah Abang.
This Om is pretty cool and lively.
We end up chatting along the way to Tanah Abang.
He ask me a very sharp question which caught me right to the mark.
Knowing well I'm from Malaysia
The question post was about the UNMO General Meeting held while I was away in Jakarta.
I am not politician neither do I ever attend any political meeting's.

It was a sharp observation and question.
He ask:

Om: Di Kuala Lumpur sedang berlangsung persidangan UMNO ya Pak?

Me: Ya Om.

Om : Kapan tamat nya persidangan itu?
(Obviously he is a guy whom do enjoy political conversation and well read)

Me: Ma'af Om saya enggak tahu kapan selesainya.(He continues asking me)

Om: Apa benar Bapak Menteri Abdullah TERTIDUR waktu berlangsungnya persidangan itu Pak?

Me : ???????@@@@@@+++++++$$$$$^^^^^^^(((((()))))))))

As they said dah...lah tu Kaduk.......

I was rather stunt by the question.
I immediately look for a War-Net to seek for an answer!

The truth is is true......


blossom said...

hahaha! ya ke? the meeting was held in the afternoon lepas lunch kot?? itu lah.. any kinds of boring meetings, shouldn't be held after lunch.. even umno. =D

Pak Tuo said...

hmmm Blossom,

what to do?I day I tell you the joke of Syadina Omar
Keep smiling.


rubyahmad said...

Hi Pak Tuo,

I will remain awake always, if a session is gripping and interesting. Ha ha ha.

No wonder I have not heard from you in ages. Di saberang rupa nya. Cheers.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Ruby,

Thanks for the visit.Yes I was away for a Raya's visit.


At this age I need a nap least 15 mins.after zohor.

Kak Teh said...

pak tuo, suruh dia baca blogs laah. hehe, give him some links.

Anonymous said...

Pak Tuo,
malu, deh, di tanya mengenai Pak PM kita.
Lain kali jelaskan Pak PM kita sering kurang sihat.
Di tanya apa penyakit beliau.
Jawaban nya: sinusitis lackofoxygentothebrain.
gitu, pak.