Tuesday, November 29, 2005

'Law 'or 'The Principle in The Law?

Why Study?

Ha'bul Al Watan Min Al Iman, love of the nation is part of Iman. Knowledge is the key to a progressive and dynamic nation. Without this, the effect to the nation, Malay civilization and Islam lost. Self development is a continuous process. It develops our mind more towards the positive and the brighter side.

Attaining education is a continuous process. It covers all aspect of attaining education either academic, social thought and culture studies. With this knowledge, we become more aware of our surrounding. We analyse the society under microscopic lens and try to improve our weakness so that our children do become a better thinkers than us.

With basic knowledge of law - hopefully - insyallah, I am able to compute and understand the very essence of the fundamental principle of the divine law. The Divine law is a guide to mankind's progress. In understanding the subject matter, the subject content is vital because with so many Islamic Philosophical thought we could go astray from the right path. Thus, a bond between the seeker and the murshid is vital to leads a siratul mustakim.

In the hope of implementing of total divine law,one has to seek the real answer in a correct methodological process and in a right frame of mind. Failing to do so has a catastrophic effect on the Malaysian Muslims.

In the name of “ALLAH” it is a quest of seeking the exact meaning of Hab'lum Min Na Nas, Hab'lum,Min Nan Allah.


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